Photographic memories

When the Orwell Bridge and the Ipswich by-pass was built the Pipers Vale and ÒThe LairsÓ were cut through. This picture was taken by Russell Whips in April 1982. Pond Hall Farm is centre right. Pipers Vale Pools stood just off the left of this view. The bridge opened in December 1982.

Gallery: Kindred Spirits - Happy hours in ‘The Lairs’

David Kindred takes a look back at his childhood in the Pipers Vale area.

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The Lady Jean at Ipswich Dock in 1973.

1973 Ipswich Dock


A barge being loaded in the Wet Dock.

10 March 1973

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Kindred Spirits helps bring back memories of Ipswich days gone by

Readers have been sharing their memories of old Ipswich after spotting photos that bring back memories in Kindred Spirits.

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The spectacular days of steam locomotives is captured in this photograph taken on the main Ipswich to London line in the 1950s, as Britannia Pacific 70037 Hereward the Wake thunders through. (Photo by Aubrey Frost)

Gallery: Kindred Spirits - days of steam... and chips and collecting engine numbers from trains passing through Ipswich

Trains pulled by steam locomotives used to attract children, mostly boys, to stations and track sides to collect engine numbers, writes David Kindred.

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Ian McShane and his Lovejoy leading lady Caroline Langrishe.

Memories of Lovejoy, the man who put East Anglia on the map

Loveable antique dealer Lovejoy helped put Suffolk, and the likes of Long Melford and Lavenham in particular, on the map back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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David Buck on the footplate of Rudyard Kipling at Ipswich station in 1953.

David Buck prepares to travel back through Ipswich aboard the Mayflower steam train

As a boy in the 1950s, David Buck liked nothing more than being taken to work by his father and being allowed to visit Ipswich station – opposite his father’s office.

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